Technical Support Services

Developing web applications or mobile applications is only the beginning. Maintaining and supporting them to derive return on investment and optimal usage by customers is highly important during the lifetime of the applications. Unique Computer Systems provides services to extend legacy systems to web and mobile applications to extend their operational life cycle. We also provide support for web and mobile applications to help insure our customers' investments provide them with long term value.

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Unique Computer Systems provides services for software and hardware infrastructure planning, service alignment, and value enhancement by bringing together disparate systems and processes during the design, development and launch phase.

We also provide maintenance contract and on-going support to make sure our customers applications operate efficiently and are always available for their end users.

Unique Computer Systems offers service level agreements and maintenance contract for all of its products and custom developed solutions.

We follow a defined process to log all support requests and follow each one through its life cycle from initiation to closure in a timely fashion.

Our support services include support for our product implementations, SQL Server management, .NET and JAVA application management.

We provide both on-site and off-site technical support through flexible support plans tailored to each customer's needs.

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