Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox

Knox is a defence-grade mobile security platform from Samsung built to provide real-time device protection. Samsung Knox ensures privacy is maintained between devices shared for personal and corporate use and also protects vulnerable corporate data on devices.

Unique Computer Systems is an official reseller for Samsung Knox to provide customers with licenses and assist them in successfully implementing Knox to secure their employee devices. We provide three types of advanced solutions for businesses that require bulk mobile device enrolment and deployment.

What are the solutions?

UCS offers three licence-based device management solutions that deliver enhancements and capabilities beyond the core Samsung device enrolment solution.

1. Configure

Knox Configure provides quick and straightforward device tailoring, enabling IT administrators to configure and deploy devices quickly and remotely, and tailoring them to your specific needs. This solution also allows IT admins to take complete control of a device and restricting connectivity settings.

2. Manage

Knox Manage is a cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM) that provides robust management and comprehensive controls, allowing IT administrators to monitor and secure devices in real time. Knox Manage can manage any Android, iOS or Windows 10 device.

3. Knox Platform for Enterprise

Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) is a military-grade mobile solution for IT administrators to manage and secure Samsung Android phones and tablets. KPE provides a set of advanced and unique mobile device security management features for business customers and partners who require higher security standards.

How does Samsung Knox Work?

Samsung Knox framework adds an impenetrable Knox layer to your mobile device. This layer makes breaking into certain information or data impossible even when the device is accessed without authority.

Key Capabilities of Samsung Knox that Benefit Enterprises

Where can I find out more about this?

To learn more about Knox and how UCS can assist your organisation, please click here.

What is mobile device management?

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