Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology, which uses virtual robots or software to perform routine tasks that would normally require human resources or effort. Robotic Process Automation can process the most complex routine tasks, saving a colossal amount of time spent in high-volume processes.

Document processing is one of the most redundant, monotonous and mundane jobs done in FMCG companies, law firms, construction companies, large organisations and even in the accounts payable department of every company.

To make life simple and easy Unique Computer Systems have developed a one-of-a-kind solution, DocWorx, enabled with machine learning capabilities to improve the efficiency and accuracy of labour-intensive processes such as invoice processing, claims processing and more.

DocWorx is developed using Machine Learning-based algorithms and Robotic Process Automation to reduce operational costs, save time, improve productivity and avoid manual errors.

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Also enabled with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, DocWorx is able to turn information on receipts into structured data, to easily identify the mall, store, date of purchase, value and other important details.

Use DocWorx to transform your organization to become more efficient by getting routine, manual tasks done better and faster by robots!

How DocWorx enabled with RPA technology helps in enterprise document and content management


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