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MediClass Global - Primary Healthcare Centers

By implementing the SalesWorx - Field Marketing tool, the Company benefited from Enhanced Brand Visibility, Increased HCP Engagement, and Data-Driven Optimization.

Project Summary

SalesWorx - Field Marketing by Unique Computer Systems has equipped MediClass Global with the tools and insights needed to compete effectively in the pharmaceutical marketing landscape. Their innovative eDetailing approach allows them to build strong relationships with HCPs and promote their clients' products with maximum impact.

Project Details

Client Name MediClass Global Platform Category Android Mobile Application
Case study MediClass Global Takes Flight: Launching Pharmaceutical Marketing with SalesWorx - Field Marketing

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Project Description

For a new pharmaceutical marketing company like MediClass Global, establishing a strong foothold requires innovative solutions. They faced the hurdle of building a successful eDetailing strategy in a competitive landscape.

By implementing SalesWorx - Field Marketing, MediClass Global has revolutionized their pharmaceutical marketing approach. Here's how it's benefited them by Enhanced Brand Visibility, Increased HCP Engagement and Data-Driven Optimization.

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