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Dolphin Radiators & Cooling Systems LLC

StockTake, The bespoke mobile app has transformed warehouse operations and supply chain management by improving and maintaining accurate stock levels.

Project Summary

UCS Solutions developed a custom Android mobile application specifically tailored to Dolphin Radiators' needs. The app integrates seamlessly with Epicor Kinetic (Dolphin Radiators' ERP system) through its API.

Project Details

Client Name Dolphin Radiators Platform Category Android Mobile Application
Case study Dolphin Radiators Dives into efficiency with Unique Computer Systems' Bespoke Mobile App

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Project Description

For manufacturers like Dolphin Radiators, staying ahead in a competitive market requires efficient and accurate inventory management rather than a traditional paper-based system. By partnering with Unique Computer Systems, Dolphin Radiators has achieved significant improvements in its warehousing and inventory management. The custom mobile app has empowered them to exceed expectations in order processing, maintain accurate stock levels, and ultimately gain a competitive edge in the market.

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