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B2B eCommerce Portal

Read how AKI leveraged UCS’s B2B e-commerce portal to improve order efficiency and process flexibility

Project Summary

A B2B e-commerce Solution to help AKI increase order processing efficiency and support their retail customers with better visibility of the product catalogue, pricing and availability.

Project Details

Client Name Al Khayyat Investments Platform Category Ecommerce Website
Case study Alphamed Group, Dubai

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Project Description

The AKI B2B Order Management Portal was developed for registered credit and cash customers to assist them to digitally submit their order for automated processing.

Customers were given easy access to purchase and replenish stock from AKI.

The portal offers not only customized pricing per customer but also an entirely engaging buying experience with immediate order submission to Oracle for processing and faster delivery.

Customers were also given the option to buy from all business divisions and save their orders for recurring purchases

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