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AKI Salesworx Android

Learn how Al Khayyat Investments successfully used SalesWorx for Android to automate their sales force.

Project Summary

Al Khayyat Investments plan to enhance its field sales team’s performance was supported through the implementation of SalesWorx to improve their route planning, coverage and order management

Project Details

Client Name Al Khayyat Investments Platform Category Mobile Application
Case study Alphamed Group, Dubai

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Project Description

AKI chose SalesWorx to reduce the inefficiencies of its existing field sales application and to use the advanced features in SalesWorx for route planning, sales returns management, pricing, bonus and distribution checking.

With Oracle integration for real-time data availability in the field, faster order processing and infield order and invoice printing, AKI’s field sales team was able to achieve their sales goals and management was able to tracking the field performance

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